Víctor Correa’s new album (considered one of the best trombonists in the country), which will be released between September and October 2019, is a tour of the experiences that took him from Barcelona to Torreón (Coahuila), from there to the City from Mexico and back to his town in Segovia 4 years later (and 22 since he left it).

The album was recorded in Barcelona with some of the best musicians of the scene: Jaume Llombart on guitar, Toni Saigi on piano, Ramón Prats on drums and Marc Cuevas on double bass.

All the compositions are original and come from different “styles” that show, on the one hand the versatility of the musicians of the session and on the other hand the enormous variety of influences that nourish this music.

There are compositions that could be framed within the contemporary Hard-Bop, others that could be within the aesthetics of free improvisation or even freejazz, we also find pop brushstrokes; It is definitely a “collage” album that draws on all possible music.

The label Underpool (Barcelona), which is doing an incredible job publishing personal and precious records, has opted for this music and that is already a guarantee of quality.

Víctor captures in this album the ups and downs of life with a sound that comes from the bowels and expresses the deepest and most intimate feelings, it is real music interpreted from the depths that tries to express the problem of the human being and his society.




Toni-Saigi – Piano
Jaume Llombart – Guitar
Marc Cuevas – Bass
Ramon Prats – Drums
Mayte Alguacil – Voice (track 2)
Víctor Correa – Trombon and compositions