PROJECTS > Víctor Correa String Quintet: Strong Bone

Strong Bone is a mix of chamber music and jazz ensemble, a string quartet playing arrangements of famous songs and some originals, by a trombone soloist, giving the music a new air.

The arrangements are not just a simple adaptation of accompaniment and melody for quintet, but a real understanding of the language of the strings and solo metal assembly that will satisfy even the most discerning listener.

All together with local talent, Victor Correa Strong Bone integrates the best string players of the cities he visits. Among the musicians who have participated in this project are Ana Arnal Ismael Estevane, Chels Herrera, Abdel Anzaldiia, Jorge Lecha, among others.

Thus, each show is unique in its sound and personality and music community becomes around the world, combining the essences of strict chamber music and jazz improvisation.

Víctor Correa String Quintet: Strong Bone
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